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International Relocation Services

International relocation services

International Shipping Made Simple And Affordable

International Relocation Services

Want to safely transport your office material, heavy machinery, home or art work to another country? Team Mobility’s international relocation services will do it for you with real-world cost and hassle free delivery. Relocating your office, family belongings or art work is an emotional affair and we at Team Mobility make it simple and hassle-free for you by choosing from our wide range of international delivery and packaging services.

Innovative Packaging Ideas

Reduce the risks of damage with Team Mobility’s packaging mechanism that ensures your goods have been packed safely and transported quickly. This also ensures smooth transportation of bulk shipments, heavy industrial shipments including heavy machinery.

Our team of experts ensure safe transportation of goods determined by the form of transport, may it be air, sea or truck. We also offer innovative packaging and transport solutions for hazardous goods.

Packaging temperature along with transport temperature is what we recommend based on the type of hazardous shipment you choose us to transport. In case you have a bulk or heavy machinery product to be transported, we offer cost effective innovative solutions and shock proof packaging.

Our innovative packaging includes

  • Anti-corrosive
  • Anti-shock and
  • Anti-tilt packaging

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International Logistics Services

Late deliveries of industrial machinery, office material, or any bulk shipment can turn out to be a loss of a day’s business. Our team at Team Mobility has the expertise to ensure that you receive your delivery on the time required.

Relocation of goods or heavy industrial material can be a complicated affair and all you need to do is leave the job to us. We have a global network of high grade agents and professionals who ensure the safety of your shipment once it arrives into your country. This is because of our affiliation with the International Federation of International Movers (FIDI).

We Package and Transport

1. Construction Material

Transporting heavy machinery could be a complex affair. Team Mobility offers innovative solutions based on the type of shipment you prefer. Also, delivering them safely and on-time is what we’ve been doing over the years and we concentrate to deliver excellence in what we do.

2. Clothing

Fashion trends change from location and from time. Why worry when you can ensure international speedy delivery of clothing and other fashion accessories. Choose Team Mobility today!

3. Office Material

Shipping huge chunks of office material to another country involves an entire business’s success. Late deliveries could trigger a substantial loss in businesses. Team Mobility ensures safe packaging and fast delivery of all your office materials.

4. Oil & Gas

Team Mobility offers special packaging and moving solutions for hazardous goods. We have a team of experts working on shipment of inflammable goods who ensure it is delivered with care and safety.

5. Defence Cargo

Shipping defence cargo involves special care, packaging and delivery. We offer a wide range of standard and custom crates that meet important shipments and every budget. May it be packaging defence arsonals that need the right temperature to heavy military cargo, you can customise your type of packaging by using our custom crate packaging option.

6. Automobiles

Shipping automobiles involves care and time. Our expert professionals provide you with a wide range of automotive packaging solutions such as anti-tilt, anti-shock and anti-corrosive ways to ensure hassle-free delivery of your shipment.

7. Technology

Transporting huge technology ranging from mobile phones to wind turbines must be dealt with utmost care. Team Mobility finds the right solution for transporting and packing tech ware keeping in mind temperature and other chemical reactions that could result in fatalities. Book a consultation to know more about how we provide innovative packaging and transportation solutions.

8. Art work

Transporting creatives such as historical paintings, museum statues or art exhibits require appropriate packaging temperature, transporting solution as well as safe delivery. We at Team Mobility analyse and recommend innovative packing and transport solutions that are safe, simple and affordable.

Car Shipping

Want to ship a single car or multiple cars to another country? Team Mobility’s specialised car shipping workforce ensures that your 4-wheeler cargo get’s all the care it deserves while being shipped.

Car shipping solution

We understand that car shipping involves a complex way of safely shipping your 4-wheeler. We offer innovative ideas such as:

Industrial Freight Packing

This innovative packaging solution offers a suitable way of placing the vehicle inside a cargo transport unit (Flight, truck or ship). We use techniques that prevent the vehicle from tilting or shifting while transporting. Our car lashing packaging solution uses ropes, wires, strapping and screws to prevent vehicle damage.

Inter-nation (Domestic) Movers

Team Mobility offers domestic packaging and relocation services too. From selecting the best kennel to ship your pet or relocating all your belongings, Team Mobility makes domestic relocation more comfortable for pets.

In case you want to ship your products to a different state in the country, we not only take care of your shipment but also provide a settling-in guide of your to-be neighbourhood. This includes a short city tour, crash course in cultural as well as legalities of the state you want to relocate.

Hyperlocal Transportation

Using this type of transport, you can ship your goods directly using us to the place you want us to deliver. Simple isn’t it? Ship heavy machinery, clothing, office material, automobiles etc. within the country using Team Mobility’s domestic packing and moving services. We offer door-to-door services in Dubai that starts from packing your home, delivering it and ends with unpacking your shipment. Opt for Team Mobility and we will ensure that your shipment is delivered on time and damage-free.

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